BOOK – Naked Divorce for Women




How do you get over one of the most personal and devastating of life traumas and move on? How do you guarantee that you don’t repeat the same mistakes, time after time and ENSURE you heal ethically from your divorce? 87% of people that don’t ‘process’ their divorce, repeat the same mistakes in their next relationship. Introducing a revolutionary 21-day program which will not only get you back on track fast, it will actually help ensure you don’t repeat the same mistakes in your next relationship. You will learn how to: strip away your old relationship baggage for good, learn to work with your emotions and not to fear them, deal powerfully with your family, friends and work colleagues, stop jealous and obsessive thoughts, hear the sorry you need to hear from your ex, avoid the biggest mistakes many people make within their career during divorce, tame your crazy emotions and re-establish emotional equilibrium, learn how to pave the way to finding the love of your life, use your divorce as the catalyst to become the woman you were always destined to be…

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